Forced Kindness

In order for the order of the world we live in to continue, administrators must set certain rules and laws .So what should these laws be like ?Is it better to prefer soft laws or strict laws ,which keeps the peace ?Will stricter laws lead to a more peaceful world or more crime ?In this article, I will talk about my own answers to these questions .

First of all I want to start with definitions .A strict law is very clear , precise and must always be obeyed completely .For soft law we can say ,agreements, principles and declarations that are not legally binding .What are the good and bad sides of both ?

First good sides of strict laws are ; enacting strict laws would create fear in the mind of the public and no one commits a crime after knowing that they will be punished severely. This would decrease the crime rate in the country and establish peace in the society .For the bad side ;its unfair .Because ,persons of high socioeconomic status are able to purchase their way out of punishments and consequences .And low status people won’t be able to do this so it’s unfair and inequitable for them .In criminal law, possession crimes and statutory rape are both examples of strict liability offenses .

Good sides of soft laws are ;utilized for a variety of reasons, including to strengthen member loyalty to contract , reaffirm international norms and establish a legal foundation for subsequent treaties .For the bad sides ,they may risk a lack of due process .For an example we can say ,UN General Assembly resolutions .The obligations in the Paris Agreement in relation to the content of the NDCs are also examples of treaty soft law .

I think between these two ,strict laws will provide more security and peace .The strict laws are compulsory to bring fear in the mind of the potential offenders so that before committing the crime they know that they have to resist severe consequences. It is too important to establish fear in the mind of the public against any crime which can be created by enacting strict punishments .I don’t think soft laws are as effective as strict laws to stop people from doing bad things .

In short, I think strict laws would be better for my country, if not for the world .But I think this applies to many countries as well .

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