Foreign Brands

Turkey is one of the countries preferred by foreign investors for various reasons such as its rapidly growing economy, strategic location, favorable population, qualified and affordable labor force, and government incentives offered to foreign investors. With the adoption of the Foreign Direct Investments Law No. 4857 in 2003, foreign investors and domestic investors were treated equally, unless otherwise stipulated by international agreements and special law provisions, and foreign investors were allowed to establish all companies permitted by the legislation in Turkey.

In this context, the general characteristics and established procedures of companies that can be established in Turkey according to Turkish legislation are discussed below. First of all, the company’s degree, scope, center, manager, and department should be determined by the administration of operations. At the same time, it is necessary to prepare a primary contract by the rules of relationship between anonymous, limited, collective, commanding, and cooperative companies. Ana sözleşme ortaklar tarafından veya ortakların noter tasdikli vekaletine istinaden temsilcileri tarafından imzalanır ve ortakların veya temsilcilerinin imzası noterlikçe tasdik olunur. The documents organized outside Turkey are to be taken by the Apostle poet and approved by the consulate or notes. The company’s representatives have to approve the signatures of the company’s representatives by the authority of the office and prepare the signature beyond. The documents organized outside Turkey are to be taken by the Apostle poet and approved by the consulate or notes. It is sufficient to reach an agreement, albeit verbally, on articles of association between the partners by the provisions of the TCO on ordinary companies. However, it should be emphasized that a foreign natural person can’t establish a sole proprietorship without a work permit. A residence permit alone is not sufficient, and for this reason, a sole proprietorship can be established after a residence permit for 5 (five) years only if a work permit is applied for. In addition to its contribution to the workforce and employment in Turkey, Mercedes Benz, which has been operating for many years among the 4 most powerful foreign companies operating in the country, is a company that makes a great contribution to financial development. Globalization is experienced in the field of the economy with the flow and free circulation of foreign capital, and the employment provided by the strongest capital owners makes the growth in the country’s economy sustainable.

Although it is a sad situation for the local people that foreign brands appear more than domestic brands in Turkey, it is a good situation for tourists coming to our country.

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