Four Priorities of Mayor

Mayor is someone people choose for the service they offer. By obtaining a budget from public taxes, mayors has some responsibilities. They need to make sure that every tap flows with fresh water, every bulb is shining like sun, trash cans are not waiting outside the become a part of the environment and the list goes on. If we make a list about the duties of mayor, it will complete books to write it all. So what is the most important ones, especially four of them. What will it be my first four priorities if I become a mayor?

First of all, the most basic and the most important one for me is resources. If your people cannot access to electric, water, gas and other services you not the right mayor for them. This is the first step of a mayors duty.

Second one, transportation. My people must have the comfort of going anywhere they wanted by public transport. Bus and metro stations will be a part of the city. It will be free for old people and students. Seats and vehicles themself will be above comfort levels.

Third one is proper urbanization. All the buildings must be stay strong against earthquakes and other disasters. I will think twice before giving permission to buildings which will sit on green areas.  I want my people to breathe fresh air as they want.

Final one is infrastructure development I would work to improve the infrastructure services of the municipality. I would maintain and repair roads and pavements, construct construction systems, and sustainably promote water and energy consumption. At the same time, I would promote modern transport networks and abolish the public transport system. Thus, I would ensure that people have an infrastructure where they can live a safe and comfortable life.

That is my list of four things I would focus if I become a mayor.

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