Frames of Beauty

As we all know, the development of technology has changed our life forever. It helps us communicate easier and faster. New inventions allow things that are impossible, to happen. However, social media, one of the things the development of technology has brought to us, has more downsides than advantages.
Social media affects people’s mental health in a bad way and most people suffer from serious mental illnesses without knowing that the things they see on social media are the reason for it.
The main reason things posted and shared on social media affect people’s mental health is that they have changed our perception of beauty forever. These beauty standards keep making people, especially teenagers feel bad about themselves and changing them for good. It’s always the muscular, tall men and slim women with small noses and clear skin that we call “pretty” on the internet. However, other people are always body-shamed, bullied and harassed for having thin lips, small eyes, dark skin, having too much body fat, being too skinny, or even for having different beliefs than others. A hundred years ago this wasn’t a problem, because the perception of beauty changed from person to person and everyone was considered beautiful in their own way.
We now live in a world where people are ashamed of their bodies, faces, skin color, identity, and style. Now people even harass others on social media who are considered “beautiful” because they are jealous. Unfortunately, a lot of people suffer from anxiety, BDD (body dysmorphic disorder), and even depression because of the beauty standards that we are all trying to fit.
To sum up, the change of our perception of beauty is the cause of the development of technology and social media. If we don’t change the way we think, our mindset, and our behavior towards other people we will keep suffering as a society that is full of racism and discrimination.

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