free world

First what is visa , visa is something that you allows you to go a country or leave a counrty so with visa you can learn new cultures and you can meet other people form other pieces of the world . visa allows you to leave yo country the country that you born so that if there is nothing like visa what would the world be like if you can go whatever country you want and do whatever you want would it be good ?

Next ı think that we should talk about the pros free feeling to visiting a another country with that we can interact with other cultures easily and as ı said we meet new people easily . the education will increase because of it people will tell what they know and how the tell this so that coumminication will develop too and it will better . People should make a world money that everybody uses so that it can help economy to easier trade of money and it is same for the language too we should find a world language for everyone to talk because the comunication will be so impossible without this so if there was no visa it will be a more equal wworld because everyone willll use the same things and it will be easier.

After that we should talk about the negative sides , cons in cons part we should talk about that if everyoen canvisit and do wahtever thay want there will be so many terrorism event and as a turkey citizen we see so many terrorism events in turkey and we know that how badly they can be . the developed countries will have so many citizens because everyone will want to got to developed countries rather places like for example everyone will choose the north america rather than south america or everyone will choose europe than africa so that there will be so less human in some places in the world and ther will be a lot of people in developed countries and as a turkey citizen me ı will choose europe too . when everybody goes to developed countries there will be they will start to choose their areas and live in there like chinese neighbourhoods in america everyone will choose thir neighbourhood and it will make social diffrence

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