Freedom Comes With Discipline

Discipline is freedom because having discipline helps us to be organized so that we can put our lives together. Having a specific order in your life means you do not do things impulsively. If you want to do something new, you just can create time for that or reduce the time for other things. By the meaning of reducing, you have things you HAVE to do and MUST do, have-to-do’s are important for life or academic goals while must-do’s are rather beneficial. If you try to reduce the amount of time for have-to-do’s you will get stuck in them in a longer-term. Must-do’s are deferrable and will not get you in any trouble if you do.

Discipline is freedom because although it demands control, it results in freedom. The simplest example is definitely “the early bird catches the worm”. You are self-disciplined to wake up early so you get more free time when you finish your work compared to other people who wake up not so early. Plus having a fixed sleep schedule is also advantageous for your health.

Discipline is freedom because if you want more freedom, you need more discipline. Doing whatever you want is not freedom. Even if procrastinating feels good, you will choke anyway. Creating your discipline needs you out of your comfort zone. Because if you are stuck in your comfort zone, you will not be able to make any change in your life.

Discipline Equals Freedom – A Winning Equation | Aspire Business Development

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