Freedom of Expressing Thoughts Anonymously

Should the freedom of people to criticize anonymously on any subject on the internet be restricted? Is it harmful for the people or not?

Some people think that as long as they are anonymous, they can do and write what they want and how they want. It is so heartbreaking to see those kinds of people thinking they can write hateful comments anonymously and get away with what they did. Especially nowadays, those kinds of dreadful comments and messages can be seen everywhere on the internet, and as long as there are no any rules and punishment about it people are going to keep doing it. There should definitely be some particular rules and restrictions about expressing the thoughts anonymously.

Sometimes seeing the people’s hateful thoughts can be rough and hurtful for some people on the internet, even if they think they are the type of people that doesn’t care about what people think or say. It doesn’t matter how strong or tough the person is, everyone can have times where they have a mental breakdown and feel depressed because of the criticism that is full of hate. These hates can even push some people to the edge of harming themselves and suicide. Recent studies have shown a rise in both suicides and self-harm. A person doing this horrific and disgusting thing to another person is not fair and won’t ever be. Instead of spreading hate and negativity, everyone should mind their own business and not try to make someone upset on purpose just because they are jealous or don’t like him/her. But people that are doing this anonymously have no fear because there aren’t any rules and restrictions about it.

If there would be particular rules about the freedom of expressing thoughts on any subject on the internet, people would be more careful about what they say or write. It would be fabulous and comforting to see that no one will ever dare to be so inconsiderate and reckless while expressing their thoughts, and there would be no hate and negativity which is a wonderful thing.

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