From Pages to Screens

For a long time, there have been many films on many different subjects from every country in world cinema. Some of these movies are adapted from real life, while others are fictional. Many fictional films are adapted from books or pre-planned fiction. In short, we can say that these films aim to convey to the screen what book lovers envision while reading a book such as the physical characteristics of the characters. But people have different opinions about movies being adapted from books.

In Turkey, in the country where I live, there are movies and TV series adapted from books. To be honest, I don’t like these series very much, but some movies are really good and impressive. Of course, the number of people who like these productions in our country is high, but I prefer books to movies, so we can say that I am a book person, so I generally do not like movies adapted from books. but I have to admit that there are movies that I like the adaptations of more than the books. For example, Tim Burton is a world-renowned film director and almost all of his films are based on books. I like the movie versions of these books more, but I think the reason for this is Tim Burton. Probably a lot of people have seen at least one of his movies. When we watch his movies, we can see that the extraordinary elements and characters he contains are prepared in an incredible way. Let’s all think about Charlie’s Chocolate Factory. This book has a movie and it is directed by Tim Burton. When I read the book, the characters and places were formed in my mind. But when I watched the movie, I saw a more extravagant world than the things I had in mind, and it was a really well-directed movie. The people’s looks, costumes, personalities, and places were really more detailed than what was described in the book.

On the other hand, I don’t think every book should be made into a movie. There are actually several reasons for this. First of all, not all books are well-written, and the fact that these books are movies only makes the story worse. Secondly, some authors write really good books. The story, the characters, the language used. What I’m trying to say is that the effect of some books comes out while they are books, when they are reflected on the white screen, something really unrelated to the book comes out and people have bad prejudices about the book without reading it. Lastly in books Finally, there is more detail in the books, and many of these details and even some scenes are removed from the script when they are adapted into movies. Because it is not possible for everything to fit in two hours, if the duration of the movie is too much, people will lose all interest. That’s why I think it’s better for everyone to keep some books as books.

Finally, I think some movie adaptations are more successful than books. Maybe not everyone agrees with this, but it really does. For example, let’s take a book that has flaws in its story and give it to a director. The director makes some additions and removes some things from this script. In the end, a blockbuster story is obtained.

If we sum everything up, I am not against the adaptation of books into movies, there are also books that I really want to be movies. Not every book has a movie, and not every book is better than a movie. And I wish that the prejudice against the adapted films or the books they are adapted to will end as soon as possible.

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