From the Right Perspective

My whole life, I tried to help people. I always loved seeing others happy knowing that it is thanks to me because it made me happy too. I guess this explains why studying medicine is my dream. I have wanted to be a successful doctor and save different lives every day since I was very young. However, I knew it would not happen from the beginning. Unbelievably, it actually happened. I am now the happiest person alive and I want to tell you the story of how I followed my dreams.
In primary school, I was so successful and I would get high grades all the time. That used to make me really happy because a good doctor should be a good student first and study hard which is exactly what I was doing. I heard a lot of people telling me to be more realistic about my dream but I never listened to them.
Years later, in middle school, my grades were still very high. This motivated me so much because every single day, I was a little closer to my dream. However, I started struggling at the age of fourteen and this stressed me out. I used to think: “I am not clever enough,” or “I could never be good at this.” Those days were so awful that I stopped believing in myself for a while. I thought everything people had said about my dream not being realistic was true. My grades dropped and I did all I could to make things better in high school. But sometimes not everything works out as planned, right? Just when I was about to give up, I noticed something: I was focusing on the wrong thing. Yes, of course, grades are important and you need to be smart and have a good memory in order to become a successful doctor but useful information can be found everywhere: Learning is a piece of cake. But not everyone can have a beautiful heart that helps and loves others this much.
So I stopped worrying about my performance in school, I just kept studying hard and finally got accepted into an amazing university.
Now here I am, saving lives and helping people every day. I did it. I need to say that if I hadn’t noticed that I was focusing on the wrong thing, I couldn’t have gotten this far. The things you want to do might sound too unrealistic and distant until you look at the right thing. Once you see the big picture, something that seems distant and impossible may suddenly become imminent and possible.

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