dark mysterious man hoodie, murderer, hacker, anonymus


I had just had my dinner when somebody knocked on the door. My best friend Ecrin had arrived. We decided to go somewhere together. While we were considering where to go, my father called from inside: “I bought you an icecream, girls.” We ran to the kitchen, but there was no one in the kitchen. I started calling for Daddy, but nobody answered. Ecrin and I were so scared that Ecrin decided to stay with us that day. When we woke up in the morning, we looked through the keyhole into the corridor, but the corridor was empty. After going to the kitchen and having our breakfast, we went out. It was very cold, there was no one outside, the markets were closed. Suddenly, someone touched my shoulder. I looked back and saw a man in a black hoodie. He handed me an envelope and left. The letter said: “There’s a door behind the little market next to your house. Get in there.” We were so excited that we ran to the door. When we opened the door, a person appeared in front of us. He said that he came from 2050 and that in the future everyone lived inside computers embedded in phones and tablets. We were very surprised and didn’t believe him. We shouted and ran away. When we felt safe and calmed down, we started laughing at what a crazy day we had had.

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