Hello my future child.

I’m Irmak Dora. I’m your mother. Let’s talk about me. I’m 10 years old. My mom’s name is Esen, my dad’s name is Yılmaz. I was born in 29 October. My best friends are Elif, Cansu, Beren, Hazal and Sahra. I ‘m a Scorpio. My cousins’ names are Nehir and Emir. I love them soo much. Now I’m in Bestepe College. I love my class soo much. In future I want to be an ice skating coach and an architect. I have a dog. It is Leydi. In Bestepe we have 2 dogs, too. They are Tepe and Best. My ice skating coach’s name is Natalia. She is from Russia. I can speak Spanish, Russian and English. I love my life.

See you in future!

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