Future Concern

We have long believed that as humanity it is necessary to establish new settlements on
different planets. We can go out of our planet and visit the moon. We can send unmanned
vehicles to neighboring planets for investigation purposes. In fact, when we look at the past
of the world, we can say that we are not very safe. We can find a lot of evidence for this. Our
planet has been through catastrophes that have repeatedly caused the end of life and its
resumption. This shows us that we may experience such a disaster again one day in the
future. We even hear such things that after these disasters, our world may become
uninhabitable for hundreds, thousands of years. Therefore, we are faced with the fact that
we need to find a new habitat for the continuation and safety of our species.In order to
establish such a living space, it is not enough just to be far away. If it were, life on Mars
would have been possible. This planet to be found must have conditions suitable for age
similar to Earth, some of which must be a strong magnetic field and an atmosphere in which
gases that allow us to live in the air are formed.According to scientists, even if we settle on
other planets, it is said that the sun will explode for 1 day. The same scientists say that the
average remaining life of the sun is about 5 billion years. The world seems to be an
impossible place for living things to live due to the extreme heat of the sun.. In short, even if
there is no such risk to the planet, the fact that we cannot stop our curiosity and desire to
explore is obvious, so whatever the reason may be, people will make an effort to settle on
the moon and mars or elsewhere in the next hundred years. Finding life in space will both
confirm many theories and provide us with a new living space, of course, there are some
aspects of this that we think about, for example, the nearest star system, the alpha century,
is 4,37 light years away, this means a distance of about 41 billion, if we do not have a ship
traveling at the speed of light, if we set off now, we can reach the other star system between 100
and 200 years. Unless medicine develops and extends our lifespan, it can be said that it is
impossible to make this journey unless we have a system that freezes our body, that is, puts
our body into hibernation and wakes it up when it reaches a destination, as in many science
fiction movies or TV series. Although this subject evokes a very distant future, I believe that
one day we must leave the world and continue our generation on a different planet. We must
also focus on the current questions of the world. We have to think about both the present
and the future together

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