Future or End of The World?

At the moment one night one born. This cycle will remain like this until the end. The population is increasing day by day. New ideas new inventions new scientists are born every day. Yesterday is our tomorrow and tomorrow is our future. It’s exciting to wonder about what will happen in the future but at the same time looking it today, it is also scary to think about what can happen.

First of all, human beings achieved many things that even a person who lived thousand years ago will not believe. We are sending humans to space, basically, discovering space, we have cars that can drive themselves, and we have robots that can do whatever they want. Who knows what is waiting in the future? If we think that way maybe we can finally have our flying cars. But the fact that we need to face is we are killing our beloved planet, we are destroying our home. Day by day animals become endangered, and this number should be decreased rather than increasing but it is not and no one cares. The ice and the icebergs are melting just because of humans, and still, nothing is done and nearly no one’s trying. Countries should be supportive of each other like neighbors. But what can you expect even if real neighbors don’t know each other? Many wars happening right now all across the world soldiers are dying children are dying everyone’s dying. Why is this all happening why people can’t live in peace.

But at the same time, when we look at the technology and inventions that we have even now, a really interesting and literally smart future awaits us, and it is not far away. We have been in the age of technology for several years now, and this technology is becoming more and more unbelievable and terrifying. Even now, when there are so many wars and global problems, I can’t imagine how terrible we can become with more advanced technology. Even though we don’t want it to happen, bigger wars and bigger problems await us in the future, including technology. Mankind will sooner or later succumb to his ego and bring about the end of the world. In other words, we can say that people are responsible for everything and their endless ambition to win.

To sum it all up, I personally am extremely confident that the future is technologically unbelievably advanced. But at the same time, unfortunately, bigger problems await us than our current situation. Both in terms of the world and between people. That’s why we must do our best before it’s too late.

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