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Future Saver The Technology Schools

Have you ever wanted to study in a highly developed technology school? Some of them were opened by Elon Musk to develop the education system in a different way. There is a lot of benefit for students too.


As technology develops, the new generation is more into it. According to researches the young and new generation adapted and understood the technology so much more effectively and efficiently. This adapt goes with much more stuff. Such as education, skills and thinking. But one of the most important ones is education. Old learning methods like writing, doing research on books or encyclopedias is not common in latest years. Most students prefer the internet or taking notes on digital notebooks. The highly developed technology schools teach in a different way. Not with old memorization cliches or writing on a notebook, it gives the opportunity for taking notes on digital platforms, give uses for new thinking and analysing skills which are so necessary for the ability to think in a healthy and various ways. The technology schools should be expanded because it is more suitable to adapt for the new generation. It gives more opportunities and pratic ways. The stress of students is also reduced because it is healthier to access digital platforms and receive education in a more suitable way. Most of the reasons for complaints of school by students is that the education system is wrong. It is much more based on memorising. The other wrong thing is that some of the information that you learn from school is unnecessary. You can’t use them in daily life. In the technology schools, you learn about some stuff about saving the future, jobs for futures like gene therapy, astronomy etc. Thinking within empathy, analysis, interrogator or inquiry ways is healthy. Children’s brains should work with these and technological ways, not memorise or unnecessary information. With this highly developed technological education, the youngs will be one step ahead to make the future more bright.


To sum up, the technology schools should expand to take the world one step further. The future needs the youngsters. To save the future, the youngsters should be educated well and within based on technology.

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