Futures Red Line

I wouldn’t think too much when I say the students are the countries future. People will be gone and will be replaced by their kids in their country. So one of the most important thing about making a country qualified is growing qualified kids. And as always there is a really important red line called “education” and this term is the what make kids qualified as country needs.

School is not only the place where people get educated. As long as you experience new things or determined enough you can also educate yourself. Main education starts even before school. And it is the most important education type i guess… That education is the main moral and manners education which is directly relearned with our parents personality. I am going to give you basic examples such as sneezing. Well sneezing is not the real thing but its just an example… For example you have a really close friend and you always tell him “god bless you” or something like that every time he sneezes. If he doesn’t tell you that back to you if you ever sneeze near him, that may because of his parents may never told him “god bless you” etc. Its not a moral or manner property but just an example of how much parents affect their children. According to some studies, people who got abused from their parents also abuses their children as well. Professional artist are expected to have politer and kinder parents in their past because its directly related with the right side of the brain. Kindness and happiness improves the brains right side so it affects the countries culture as well. After that the school education starts. Schools are known to be a disciplined place but people are barely learn any kind of manners there. I will give an exception country. In Japan children that are going primary school learns about moral manner and disciplined more mainly so people don’t have any kind of trouble when communicating someone in public. Japan is the most educated country with the literacy rate of 99% and average 105 IQ being the highest among the entire world.

Literacy rate of Japan between 1990 and 2015

The point is in many countries such as Turkey only gives formal information’s about what they should do but they never put in an action. They believe formal information’s (math, language, science etc.) are more important. But things never go as they expected since they couldn’t get the wise students they wish for… In order to obtain qualified children for the future we also need qualified teachers that are able to teach in the right way. Some may just write on the board then leave and some may try to communicate children as much as possible and seek for the ones that are not understanding the studies. As the time goes number qualified teachers are increasing

The graph of qualified teachers in primary education.

Non-Formal education is important as much as the Formal education since society is not only about the science. For the growth in culture, non-formal education that starts in family is strongly needed. As “The founder of the Turkish Republic Mustafa Kemal Atatürk” said “The cultural level of a nation is in three stages; the state is measured by the essence of his work and achievements in thought and economy.”  Education is important but side skills are as important as Education (Sports, Musical etc.) In order to have a fresh country people needs to give their children some manner lessons without any kind of violence. Violence will only make things worse. Egypt is an example. According to the graph of child abuse and graph of literacy rate, violence only drops the average IQ down and drags the literacy rate to bottom as it continues.


Relation of Child abuse and literacy rate in Egypt.

But only having the non formal education is also not enough. In order to keep the balance giving the right education is also important. In order to grow in science, technology etc. formal education is needed. Again the founder of Turkish Republic Mustafa Kemal Ataturk said “the truest guide is science” and the guide that will lead to knowledge is our elders that are qualified. Balance between non-formal and formal education must be hold because it leads a country with lots of culture, science, Great Works, Arts and also feasts as well… There are no “more important” education type the important thing is the knowing their both profits and using their profits in the best and most efficient way possible. That is the key for most success such as Art.



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