Game of My Mind

I was walking in that beautiful street which is decorated with colorful flowers. I’ve always loved walking down that street. İt reminds me of my good memories. İt also makes me feel safe and calm while walking.

I can’t really recall the date sorry for that. My day started as normal as the other days in my life. You know; waking up, washing your face, brushing your teeth, exercising, and making yourself a great coffee to feel ready for the day! And again I’m in my lovely street walking down to relax my body. I can easily say that I know everyone living in that area but that day I saw a strange man acting weird like he was terrified of getting caught for something. That man caught my attention but I didn’t have any time to stay and chat.

I came back home to change my outfit for getting ready to my job. I’m a psychiatrist by the way I attribute my interest in that man to this situation. I remember that I tried to forget that man to be concentrated on my patient’s problems. That was a really tough day as I remember thanks to having so many people to take care of that day. I went home to relax a little bit but my friends tried to reach me so I answered their phone. They wanted to go to the new bar that made a new opening like two weeks ago. They didn’t let me reject their offer actually they didn’t even ask me a question. They said: “We are going to the new bar! And you better be ready in like 20 minutes cause we won’t go without taking you with us!”.

I got ready by wearing my short black dress which wraps my body. I made a ponytail for my hairstyle and with at last I made“natural makeup”. Girls were already waiting for me. We started to sing the song that plays on the radio while we are on the road. I did already sense that we are going to have a crazy night. We finally arrived at the bar. Time passed and I went to refill my drink and I saw that my girls were dancing and having fun. Then they saw me too and they smile at me. I realized that really love them once more. Later on, I saw that man which I saw in the morning. But now he was a completely different person.

He was looking at other girls with smirking. I was frozen the moment I realized he saw me. And you can easily understand that he got confused when he saw me. I thought he recognize me, but had he seen me? Girls started coming toward me. They warned me about my drink was ready like three minutes ago and asked me what am I waiting for, am I okay.

I told them that everything is fine.


-Three Years Later-


“Can you cancel my patient who is going to come tonight please?”

“As you wish.”

I have plans with girls so I wanted to relax before going out with them, I really want to take a shower right now. Maybe I can take a small nap? I’m on my way home, again time passed faster than I thought. As I told you before I take shower but I skipped the nap part for now. And I started to get ready for the night. We went to the bar which is near to the sea. That’s why I love that place. We were dancing with girls like crazy.  I hit someone and instantly I turned to apologize. But when I was in that eyes I froze. And the man is just looking at me with a really attractive smile. I tried to apologize but the music was so loud that he can’t hear my voice.

I don’t know why am I still trying to talk. I felt like stupid and I rushed into the wc. I just need to wash my face. I heard the door open and closed but I’m still trying to wash my face although I’m washing my face so hard that you can think that I’m trying to tear up my face.

I heard a laugh. But I’m sure that it wasn’t a girl’s voice. I instantly turned back and guess who I saw. Of course, I saw him. A smooth, relaxed and with a sound that is tough and soft at the same time he talked.

“Hey, be careful you are going to hurt yourself!” laughed again…

“Who are you?” I asked with my last confidence.

“I’m the man you just bumped into.”

“I’m not talking about that and you know what I mean.” he was surprised by my instant temper.

“First, calm down. Secondly, I’m ‘’. And you?” I was sure that I know him but I can’t recognize him very well.

“Nice to meet you ‘’. I’m ‘’.”

“I came to see if you are okay.”

“Thank you for your thought.”

Then a girl just crashed into. When she saw him she screamed. Now it is my turn to laugh.


-Two Days Later-

Yes, I’m still thinking of that man. Can I fall in love with him by just having a conversation that lasts two minutes? No, I’m just going crazy. But I can’t stop thinking about him. I left my blazer at one of my friend’s home after turning back home. So I need to take that blazer now, how good (!) My friend greeted me and lend my blazer back. Actually, she invited me to have a drink but I told her that I have some jobs to do. While turning back to my car I felt like something there in my pocket. I reached into my pocket and found a piece of paper. It had an address on it. I instantly started to drive there. And I reached the cemetery? But which grave am I searching for? The real question is what am I doing here?

I turned to the paper and I realized that it has some number. I try to find the employee. He took me to a grave. I searched for the name written on the tomb. I was frozen by what I saw. That was the boy that night. It was written here that he died five years ago as a result of a motorcycle accident.

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