Games In Reality vs Games In Digital World

Games are fun , yes? For kids some of the games are can be instructive . Nobody cant say the games are not enjoyable . For me there are two type of games .  Traditional ( Reality )games and online (Dİgital ) games .

In 1971 , Don Daglow wrote the first Baseball game on a DEC PDP-10, the mainframe computer of the University of Pomona. From 1971 to 2021 , there is a huge differances . Now most of the Gen Z kids and teens mostly playes online games because of the developing technologies and wants to enjoy about their lives . There are a lot of type of games . Fps ( First Person Shooter ), moba ( Multiplayer Online Battle Arena ) , RPG (Role Playing Game ), strategy games etc.. If you don’t like Fps for some reasons and if you like acting , you can enjoy from RPG . If you like conpetitive games like moba , you can love Fps games aswell . Have you ever been wondering “Why the online games are  better “. Because players can create their own ideas and show your own creativity .  Like Minecraft . You can build by your creativity by some type of blocks and you can play with your friends or some other players . You can join or create your own server and you can make new friends . Also some gen y and parents are saing that the online games are not developing the child . In an experiment , 80 people was played Portal 2 for 80 minutes before exam and other 80 people studied . The peoples that played Portal 2 , their problem solving was moredeveloped than the other groop .

Gen Y’s played Traditional games mostly because there was no mobile phones and there was no computers that is small like now . In gen x , some peoples are loving to play . Because for them , it comes nostalgic . Here is some games I call traditional: Hide and Seek ( There is one catcher and some seekers . Seekers purpose is tag the object that the cacther was counted . ) , Tag , Simon Says , Hopscotch , Dodge Ball and Corner grab . You can do these games in road . Now if your apartment or your house dont have a garden , you can’t play because of the cars . Because of these gen x is prefering online games and in traditional games the creativity is low . You can not fly or transform into a cat .

For me online games are more enjoyable than traditional games .  I love traditional games too but in traditional games are restricts the creativity and in digital World , there are more choices than traditional games .

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