Gender Issues

Sexism is widespread in most countries, and it is not at all pleasant to see men superior to women. There is a lot of sexism in the country where I live. But we haven’t been able to prevent this yet. Sexism has become a very big problem around the world. Some people saw women as superior, while others began to see men as superior. In order to solve this problem, I think we need to talk respectfully with those who advocate for women and those who advocate for men. After talking, they should already find a middle ground. If they still can’t find a middle ground, which seems to be happening now, they should talk to a community of people who will advocate for men’s and women’s equality.

Why are men and women equal? Of course, in some cases, this varies, for example, women’s pregnancy periods are difficult, and men’s military service periods. i watched a video 1 month ago, they were giving men something equal to the pain of pregnancy. The men could not hold out for more than 5 seconds. As a result, the problems of men do not suit women, while the problems of women do not suit men.Those who advocate for equality of men and women are called feminists. When I ask some people, they say I’m a feminist, but they don’t know what it means. Being a feminist is called defending the equality of men and women. As far as I am concerned, gender roles affect society badly. It leads to inequality and does not put society in order. Anyway, if a society needs something like this, they should turn to themselves and take a look. Because of gender roles, a situation arises such as only men can enter some places or only women can enter some places. As a result of this situation, society goes into crisis and everything gets complicated. That is why gender roles are an unnecessary thing. If sexism outweighs sexism somewhere, then to me it is not a developed community or a country or a city. It’s probably just not for me because how can a guy or a girl be high in the opposite sex. Of course, men outweigh men in some matters, but so do girls in some matters.

As a result, we need to warn those who behave contrary to gender equality or so-called and tell them that they are equal.

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