Gender Order In Society

 Every living thing in the universe has its own duties. It also exists in humans, but it is examined in two groups, as women and men. Everyone has their own duties, there are different duties, and they are separated according to gender. These duties are such as women being mothers and men being fathers. While mothers have different duties, fathers have different duties. This is an example of the different tasks of the sexes. So what effect do differences in such tasks have on the order in society?

It means that they have their own special roles in the role differences between the genders. As in the example I gave, women are separated as mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, and men as father, brother, uncle, grandfather. All of these people have their own roles. In these role differences, of course, each role has its own difficulties. For example, a father cannot fulfill the responsibilities of a mother on her child. But a mother cannot have responsibilities on the father, so everyone does their own duty. The order in the society is realized by the distribution of duties and since each gender has its own roles, the order in the society is ensured, but when it comes to the equality of the genders. Yes, every gender is equal and the equality of every gender ensures the order in the society.

 Each gender has roles where everyone is equal except for their own role, which varies from person to person. For example, a doctor. There is a woman doctor, there is a man doctor or, engineer woman, engineer man. There are equal men and women in other duties in the society. What a man can do, a woman can do the same. The perception that women in society can’t be cared for is wrong. A strong woman can do whatever she wants. Roles in the family may be different, but these roles do not change the fact that that person is an individual, regardless of gender. In other words, every individual in society is equal, that is, equal in every sex.

  As a result, all genders in society are equal. Every gender can have different roles, but every gender is equal, should be equal. In my opinion, order in society is achieved by keeping all genders equal. Each gender has a different role and has different challenges. Everyone is equal and gender discrimination in society should be abolished. Yes, there are genders, and they have different roles, but it doesn’t change the fact that each of them is human.


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