Gender Roles And Effects On Society

Basically gender roles are the roles that are accepted by the society and imposed to people. We witness gender roles in many scopes of our lives. This mentality and the problems arising from this mentallity are common especially in underdeveloped and ignorant regions. With this mentality, people who are put into certain stereotypes are discriminated in society. It can be harmful that these gender roles have such place in community because public motivates people to condemn and oppress who do not fit the traditional gender roles. As a result of this oppression, many people struggle to reach their full potential.

There are so many kinds of gender stereotypes that we encounter in almost every aspect of our lives. One of them is personal traits. For example women are often expected to be delicate, compromiser and emotional, while men are usually expected to be dominant, aggressive and self confident. While these thoughts cause women to be humiliated by society, they cause men to be exalted. This discrimination causes many conflicts and causes women not to see the importance they deserve in many areas.

Another area that is under the influence of gender roles is occupations. In this field, unlike other fields, there is a female predominance. Many people prefers nurses and teachers who are women. The reason for this may be the feeling of trust and motherhood given by women. However, men are preffered for more technical jobs such as engineering or pilotage.

Also gender roles prevail in domestic behaviours too. For example most of the people expect that women will take care of the children, cook and clean the home; while men take care of financial affairs, repair and renovation works. In my opinion, this thought basis on the past when most women are used for concubine and servitude. In ancient times men married women just to serve them. So we can say that men were using the women as their servants.

Additionally, physical apperance is one of the type of gender roles. Many people find it right that women look ladylike and elegant. Men are expected to be mascular and dignified. Also colors are highly conceptualized in this topic. Since childhood, we consider pink as a girl’s color and blue as a boy’s color. If we see a girl who does not comply with the norms of society, for example, with short hair and wearing mainly blue, we will most probably criticize the way that she looks and we say bad words about her even though we have no place.

As a result, various discriminations can be observed even in the 21st century due to the long standing influence of thought and community structures. We shouldn’t put people into certain patterns, we should break down the prejudices. We should consider what people can achieve and support them on this path instead of stopping them. We should respect people’s differences and not despise them. If we can change our mentality, if men and women can unite, I’m sure that big jobs will be accomplished.

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