Gender Roles We Put

Women and men are obviously different from creation. Both genders have their own physical-mental abilities and capacities. Even though they are different from birth, is it right to obstruct them from things they want to do by gender roles? Does the seperation of roles within men and women make society more organized or does it just get in the way of things?

As said before, women and men are different. It would be wrong to pretend we are equal from every aspect because we definitely are not. Especially physical wise. Women’s and men’s bodies are created differently. Men tend to be stronger from birth. Therefore it makes sense that some jobs such as construction work and being a cop have male dominance. It is a lot easier for them to keep the work up since their muscles are better developed. While men are stronger, women tend to have smaller body features which allows them to do some works easier. We can have dentists as an example. Women’s hand structure makes it easier for them to work on such a small place as inside of a mouth. 97,1% of dentists across the world are females which proves this statement.

Even though we do have differences physical wise, this is not a reason to obstruct people from doing what they want to do. It might be easier for men to be cops but that does not mean women can’t be cops. Creation of our bodies might be different but we can develop our bodies over time to pursue our dream jobs. Men can train themselves into doing detailed work as well as women and women can develop their bodies to have equality in muscle based jobs. My point is, while it makes total sense that some jobs have a specific gender dominancy, it’s also not impossible for people to work in a job that’s majorily opposite gender.

Somatic differences isn’t the whole seperation, though. There are some limits that society put on us that are unrelated to anything physical. Women are expected to stay at home and do housework while men work and bring money to house. Women are expected to have jobs where they help someone with better degree, who’s expected to be a man. As an example, people always say men are better at being doctors while it is more suitable for women to be nurses; or that women are better teachers but school ministry is a male job. In my opinion, these labels don’t make sense. Women can lead as well as men can, at the very least. Many people have this misleading conception of women being better at jobs where human connection is needed. That’s why being a teacher, nurse or secretary is expected from women but in reality; this is only a thing because men find it easier to blame being rude and impatient on their genders. Religions also have big impact on this. It’s easier for men to excuse their unkind behaviours on religion because in many religious books it’s mentioned that women have more patience. Which might be true but it doesn’t mean men can get away with being less humanly when they didn’t even try at first place.

To sum it up, some seperations made based off of genders are understandable because we are different after all. However, it’s never right to label anything with genders. It causes more problems than organization. Men and women can develop their abilities throughout their lives so why should we label things based on abilities we had at birth?

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