Gender Roles

There are some common roles or responsibilities we associate with different genders. Even though modernised thoughts do not evolve this association that much, there are still some people that support linking words or even colors to genders. We can see that more than half of people who live in rural areas do use this method. People who prefer urban areas do not on the other hand. 

Another reason is to believe in religions, but this piece of information is open for debate and some don’t agree. So I will let you decide about it. Are religious people also using gender roles? I do not know about you but another fact, the most important one to me actually, is the amount of education you get. Because as you know, it also has an impact on related topics. And therefore, different roles associated with all genders differ.

Firstly, women are heavily attacked because of traditions and norms. Yes we have the power to stop this with feminism. Nevertheless, this is a systemic issue. Historically, women are believed to be slower so men did the hunting mostly. Surprisingly, it is the same system that pushes women out of society or being stronger. Men go outside to be able to eat dinner and women stay at home. Is this what we are supposed to be like?  As a further example, Muslim women wear head scarfs to cover their hair. Not to be like a religion professor, but, women should not be hiding their hair for men to be normal. It is mens’ responsibility to keep things normal. Not just women though, every human being with a feminine behaviour is treated the same way. Is half of the population made for being slaves? No, so no one should act like it.

Males also aren’t problem-free. Overpressure put on them may be causing traumas which we all try to avoid actually. Don’t we?  Men are believed to be better in carrying more pressure than they can. Which also makes women feel weaker. Mental side effects like these may seem less important. Nevertheless, no one would like to live in a society that has a great amount of psychopaths right? So traumas are vital problems indeed. Another thing is the lack of social capabilities of men. Next step would be the dependencies of males. That’s why women are forced to live near a man. 

Yes, it is funny to imagine a world where everyone has certain things to do. Indeed, most of us would like to live in such a “world”. But the big question is, do you really want to do dishes or sit in an office 9 to 5? A great utopia that does not include what human psychology works like. As a result, the theory of gender roles must be disproved not just because some people are different. But because it always had been a bad idea to force people to do something.


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