Gender Trouble

Sports are generally considered a masculine domain, and this stereotype results in boys’ perceiving greater ability and attaching greater importance to sport than girls. This contributes to the gender differences observed in sport. Following are some specific examples of gender stereotyping.
1-Females have not been as encouraged by parents to be physically active
2-Females are less apt to be taught and to engage in fundamental motor skills during sensitive periods.
3-Gender-stereotypical toys have been emphasized throughout childhood and adolescence.
4-Youth are often pressured into “gender-appropriate” sports.
5-Female athletes are constantly sexualised by the media.
6-Boys who are not physically skilled or good athletes experience ridicule and embarrassment, based on the rigid male stereotype that includes strength, muscularity, athleticism, and lack of empathy for other participants.
Women in sports have lower salaries and are less renowned than men in society. The rules in sports are the same for all players. However, female athletes are more likely to have lower salaries, fewer sponsors, poorer contracts and little to no media attention. Gender discrimination is still present in most sports.
Whether professional players receive salaries or individual prize money from competitions, male athletes in basketball, golf, soccer, baseball and tennis make anywhere from 15% to nearly 100% more than female athletes.
Of course men and women are not equal physically, but no matter what they could be in the same team and in the same league, so I wanted to say “ if we start putting men and women to the same team as they first begin doing that sport and as they grow up we can put the physically equal ones in the same team and the issue would be solved” but then I thought how unfair that is because they might think “ oh i’m not as strong as them, I am not as good as them’ and feel insignificant. I don’t know what the soulition would be but it is ridiculous that there is a descrimination in sports.


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