Getting Old Spiritually

     I have always grown up hearing that the age of the soul is much more important than the biological age of a person, but for the first time in my life, I understand what this means.
     My sixteen-year-old brought me face to face with some facts for the first time in my life. Maybe I should have noticed the things I noticed earlier, maybe it’s too early to notice. I don’t think it’s possible to make a comparison of that because it’s something to do with a person’s own experiences. A situation that is very difficult for someone is quite simple and ordinary for another person, but the main thing is not the value of the event, but the effect it has on people. And we call it maturation.
     According to me, there are 3 critical ages in life: the twenties, forties, and sixties. As a  result of my general observations, most people go through different stages. For the first time in your twenties, you are learning to stand on your own two feet, you are learning to maintain the life you want on your own regardless of someone, you are young, you are having fun, you are enjoying life, on the one hand, you are drawing a life path for yourself, and exactly at this age, but if balance here, if you don’t then you’ll lose if you prefer to have fun instead of working. in short, the more you invest in yourself at this age, the better you will make your future, and if you don’t, you will have to face the consequences. And in the forties, you start eating the fruit of your twenties. You can have a happy life, you can work happily in the profession you love, you can have a very good life, in short, it pays off to force yourself to work every day instead of sleeping or having fun. Or vice versa. you may have an unhappy life. you can go to work every day with hatred. you can be sad, regretful, and offended. And finally, if by some miracle you did not find a way to succeed in life, the same misfortunes and unhappiness will remain with you until you die.
     And I see myself at exact twenty-five. Twenty-five is really a very different age, isn’t it? It’s an age when most of us want to have fun like crazy on the one hand, and on the other hand, we have to finish college and take the first serious step towards our own lives.  But at the same time, the decisions we will make at this age and all the decisions we will make are very important and valuable for our lives after that.  I was 16 and I feel the same way for no reason. I feel as if I can’t make the wrong decisions and I’m living my life and dreams every moment, I think even this anxiety is enough to make a person spiritually old. Of course, this is not the only factor, this is just an individual problem, except for this, we live in a country where we start every day we wake up with murders, economic crises never end, and we have a lot of chaos. How are we going to stay spiritually young in a system that will give us future anxiety at the age of sixteen?
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