Global Warming and Climate Change

Global warming is a situation in nature that occurs when carbon dioxide mixes with the other air pollutants and absorbs sunlight. And when this mixture bounces off the Earth’s surface, global warming happens. Global warming is something that puts us more and more in danger every day. We all need to take some precaution before it ends all our lives. But this issue continues to grow everyday and do we really think we can end it all, at the right time?

Global warming has been a long process for a while now. It wasn’t a huge issue until we see some results such as: the increase in melting of glaciers, increase in heat, climatic and seasonal changes, increase in drought, decrease in biodiversity, rise in sea levels, floods and floods, the rise in infectious diseases. Scientists have been talking about global warming for years with proofs in their hands but they unfortunately didn’t catch everyone attention on the right time. It was a long process for people to get their attention on a crucial topic like this. But letting people see the results was the right decision since people mostly believe on what they see.

Even though they are obvious reasons for global warming, many people play blind and ignore them. Because of the use of natural gas, coal and oil fossil fuels, carbon dioxide gas is released into the atmosphere and the natural system is punctured. So, the sun’s rays come directly to the Earth. Gases such as perfume, deodorant and spray that we use cause the ozone layer to be exhausted. Too much heat from the sun triggers global warming as well. Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane gases, nitrogen oxides also the main reasons for global warming. Basically, so many things we do triggers the global warming. But they are always some ways to prevent the global warming and climate change. By using public transportation instead of a private vehicle, we ensure that less exhaust goes into the air. By installing filters on factory chimneys. By reducing the number of perfumes and deodorants. By using an electric car, we won’t release any polluted air into the atmosphere.

Lastly, our question is “Do we believe we have time to end global warming in time?”. I think it’s never late for anything. If we really start to care and take an action, there will always be some ways to stop the global warming in time. Maybe some things are so late to do but we can find a way out of here if we take global warming seriously. We can get away from more damage as soon as we take an action.

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