God or Human?

Owning someone else’s life is tempting at first, but it makes you think. Because changing your life with someone else is hard decision. But since this is only for one day, there is no need to think in such detail. Especially when the person you want to replace is Ali Tuna Şahin, it is impossible not to get excited.  He is a handsome, intelligent, talented, cultured person who achieves the best of everything.

According to a rumour, the first word that comes out of his mouth when he is born is CEO. Even when he was younger, everyone understood that he would be a very successful businessman. For this reason, he chose the Business course without hesitation in his A Level course selections. Everyone at school knows that no one can rival him in this class because he has an innate talent. I want to be talented like him, but I can’t. That’s why the first thing I’ll do when we change our lives is to give a business class seminar. Also, Ali Tuna is the most muscular boy in school, all the girls are chasing him. Moreover, there is no one who plays basketball better than him. It is also known that Lebron James took basketball lessons from Ali Tuna. That’s why I wanted to play basketball in his body. He turns all the shots he takes with his muscular arms into points.  When it comes to culture, he immediately comes to mind, it is said that he has read all the books that exist in the world. The writers are trying to talk to Ali and learn new things from him. I would like to be cultured like that, but it is impossible to reach this level.

As you can see, Ali Tuna Şahin is the being we define as god. The things he does in his daily life are all things that most people want to do and never will. So when we change our lives, the things I will do will be the things he does in his normal life but this will be the best day of my life.  Being Ali Tuna Şahin is difficult because you are above everyone else, there will be bad people who will try to bring him down, but no one will succeed. One day he will be the best CEO on earth.

Deniz Mert Algün

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