Gods’ Kiss

Don’t give up hope because hope is human. It is being able to have positive affection for the future. Without knowing or understanding anything. It is a gamble only humans play. Winning or

This contains an image of: wallpaperlosing are both chances. However, not playing the game is always losing in my mind.


Don’t give up hope because it is a power you hold. It is the power to change the future. Only those who can dream of a better universe will have the courage to take action. They will have what is needed to bring out mere happiness to our world.


Don’t give up hope because, as you can have hope, you can influence people with it. Losing hope is a painful method of protecting yourself. Souls with hatred and no hope. Helping them with the hope of resurrection is also assisting the very soul of the helper.


Don’t give up hope because, if someone asks you, “Did you do your best?” be able to answer truthfully. Know that you won’t be feeling regret for the things you could have done. Giving up means rejecting failure. Mistakes happen, bad memories exist, but every tunnel has an ending. Just like a failure.


Don’t give up hope because, when no one else believes, you should be the one taking a chance. Being a hero starts with encouraging people. Leading the way because the unknown is scary. Future is unknown, change is unknown, death is unknown, past is unknown, and life is unknown.


Don’t give up hope because it is your fuel. Your reason to stay alive, your purpose in life. And this creates a responsibility to one’s self. If there is a purpose in life, your responsibility is to make it real. In order not to disappoint yourself and other people around you.


Don’t give up hope because there is always love in the world. Even at places, you do not expect. It grows like a vine tree. At the corner of your street, at school, in the supermarket, you always go, at the tennis club, in village, in summer house. All of these places have felt the love occurring there. Love, the mighty feeling that heals everything. Many people’s purpose in life. The reason many people suffered or enjoyed life.The old tale that has been going on from the dawn of time. The kiss of gods and curse of Hades.


Don’t give up hope because it is a special connection that brings the past and future together. For many million years humans were searching for a way to affect the future by praying, making sacrifices, holding sessions, and so on. Who knows maybe hoping is one of them. I truly think that our hopes shape our future. And that is why you should never stop hoping.

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