Most of us wanted to travel back in time. Maybe to fix a mistake or see a historic event. Or maybe to relive the life that we missed.

Time is a complicated thing. The seconds never comes back. You can never blink like you just did now. Maybe it’s not visible but timer goes down. We can’t take back our moments. That’s why I would travel back in time. Not too far. I’ll go back to 2016 when everything was good.

I would relive my life and make it better. I would go to conventions and meetings with great Youtubers that I missed. Also economy wasn’t that bad like how it is now so it would be easier to travel as well. I was a little kid back in time and I didn’t know the great things in life. I would live the life I always wanted.  If I had that chance obviously.

That’s all from me now. Thanks for giving your precious time to my blog. I’ll see you in next month.

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