Good but not the Best

Being the best at everything… How flattering sounds, right? Then you look at your own life, in which subjects do you think you are the best, and you always want more. Although this is a very natural attitude, some people have turned it into a big competition and started to cross the borders. Considering that such feelings are usually settled in people’s thoughts during their youth and they behave accordingly, we can be hopeful for the future by correcting this perception of perfection in the new generation.

Schools are the second home and indispensable part of young people. There a student makes new friends, attends social events, learns, has fun, and turns into a responsible and conscious individual. In this respect, the place of schools in society has always been very important. It is also known that young people learn a lot from the people they choose as their friends or they are prone to abuse. It cannot be ignored that there is also a rivalry among students.

The class exchange system seen in some schools is the best example of this competition among students. Gathering the students into a class according to the test results and giving education according to their level and understanding not only pushes the students to make different friends but also brings some disadvantages along with them. When some students always want better and become ambitious, they harm both their own health and the mental health of the people around them. It is not right for students to devote time only to their lessons. Knowing that the youth years will not come again will affect them positively.

For a young person, sitting in a cafe with friends, reading a book with a hot coffee, watching movies and spending a lot of time with their loved ones have a huge impact on their health. No human is a robot and cannot be coded to do anything, but it will be good for that person’s health to proceed in a planned way. Otherwise, just diving into notebooks, books, lecture notes and studying for hours without stopping will tire the student, and falling asleep knowing that he/she will do the same things again tomorrow without being able to spare time for himself/herself at the end of the day will cause many health problems.

Schools try to improve us both socially and academically. In other words, both the mental and physical health of students are important to them and they want students to organize their day in an efficient way. No student has to be the best in the class. While life is already very tiring, I don’t think they need to make it even more difficult and unbearable for them. It will be good for everyone to have some getaways once in a while. Of course, this should have a limit so that we do not get too carried away and forget about our other duties.

I would like to remind you that these times will not come again. As long as your grades are not too bad (if you have average grades), it will be a great opportunity to improve yourself and take time for other activities. You can learn to play an instrument, go to foreign language courses, start sports that you have wanted to do for a long time. All you have to do is appreciate every moment. Thus, seeing that you live your school life to the fullest in the future will contribute to your happiness and will not cause any regrets. Just live!

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