Good Luck For New Orleans

Adelaide was a young girl who lived in a small town in the early 19th century. She’s been interested in supernatural things since she was a little girl. She saw a job application in the newspaper. the job was in New Orleans and it was quite advantageous. They were looking for someone with exactly her characteristics, “maybe I can get into this business and make my own life where I want it to be.” she thought. Therefore, it seemed like a good idea to leave the town where she grown and go to New Orleans, where the “supernatural” events she saw in the newspapers took place.  But… It was not. She had taken with her all his belongings, books, and half of the inheritance (which could be considered almost a fortune) left by her family.  There were one thing this curious young girl didn’t know; New Orleans is a very dangerous place. But she thought that every place would be as safe as her litlle town, and she had not taken any precautions.”Auntie, you don’t have to worry so much,” she said. She was leaving town today for a job interview, and it made her sad. But she was excited too. Her train was supposed to leave at 09.15 a.m. and she was already ready. Her aunt almost cried. Adelaide thought she couldn’t go to new Orleans if she stayed any longer and decided to wait for the train to arrive at the train station.

When she arrived at the station, she took a deep breath and looked around. And she found herself thinking; Why am I leaving the town? She’d never seen New Orleans before. Her aunt used to read the newspapers when she was a little girl. When her aunt read her the news in the newspapers, as she does every day, she said the name New Orleans, and that attracted a lot of attention from Adelaide. In the other days, Adelaide kept asking her aunt about this city. She learned where it was, what kind of culture it had, and many other things. She’s been living with her aunt since her parents died. Even as a little girl, living in New Orleans was her dream. Now it is very… It was a big coincidence.  What was her greatest dream in this world was about to come true, but Adelaide felt restless. Like something’s not right. While she was thinking about it, her train had arrived. She stood up and moved to get to the train. Just as she was about to board, she noticed a little girl. It was so weird. The little girl looked exactly like her. Red, wavy hair, big, green eyes that are hard to miss. The little girl seemed a little sad. She was wearing a black dress, holding the hand of a woman next to her. Little girl, and Adelaide, they made eye contact. That’s when they got to know each other. Adelaide’s eyes couldn’t believe what they saw. This girl was her little girl. Now she understood why the little girl was dressed black and looked like she was grieving. She and her aunt were going to her parents’ funeral. Little Adelaide look at her. And all of a sudden, she was startled like she saw something. She shook her head in the sense of no. Adelaide thought he might have dreamed. But she was not. Suddenly, the train made a noise that it was leaving, and then Adelaide jumped out of its way in fear. She looked around, but the little girl was gone. “Miss? Are you alright? Adelaide, hearing the attendant’s voice, immediately recovered. “The train will stop in New Orleans in half an hour. If you’re going to land there, be ready.” said the attendant, Adelaide began to watch the outside. What had happened after seeing the little girl and why didn’t she remember getting on the train and all the way there? It couldn’t have been a dream. she was sure of that. Either her mind was playing a terrible game on her, or she really shouldn’t have gone there. “I can’t go back any more. what will be, will be.” she went through it. While she was thinking about these things, the train had stopped and the passengers had started to get off. So she packed her things and got off the train.

For the first time she was going to live alone in a big city. The job interview was supposed to start at 17.30, that is, it had a time of 1 hour. She wanted to go somewhere and have something to eat, and she started walking. After 10 minutes, she found a nice restaurant and decided to eat there. She was spinning over and over in her head what she would talk about in her job interview while eating her food. She looked at the restaurant’s clock and saw that she had little time left and asked for the check. While she was paying the bill, a man was watching her behind her. Adelaide got up and started walking, but she was feeling a little uncomfortable. There were not many people left walking down the street, because she was so overthinking that moment, and se had accidentally decamped into an alley. She was out of breath when she heard footsteps coming after her. It had to be that gman at the cafe. Adelaide quickened her steps a little. She was getting scared. The footsteps were getting closer and closer. When she felt the man’s breath on his neck, her heart would stop. The man quickly reached for Adelaide’s bag, but she realized it and reflexively threw the bag away. After that, the man got angry and started walking on top of her. Adelaide was very frightened. She had never experienced anything like this in her own town. The man wanted his money, Adelaide thought for a moment about giving it. But it was the only money she had. She was going backwards as the man walked on top of him. And suddenly everything happened very quickly. Adelaide fell into a pit. It was very deep, but her bag was here, and the man couldn’t afford to go down into the pit and left there. So she relaxed for a moment, then felt a pain in her head. Her head was bleeding. She put her hand to her head, thinking of the little girl as her eyes shifted. And she pass-out. Adelaide’s awake. She didn’t know what time it was, but her clothes were dirty and it was very dark. She stood up, feeling nauseous. She tried to get out, but the pit was too deep. She shouted, asking for help to save her, but no one came to save her. Something that seems distant and impossible may suddenly become immitant and possible. Death.

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