Good evening ladies and gentlemen welcome to the most exciting day of high school, the graduation day of the class of 2022. It was only 4 years ago that we entered this building and got lost on the first day while trying to find our classes in the blink of an eye here We’re saying goodbye to where we’ve spent the past 5 years, no matter how unreal it feels 


This was the introduction of the graduation speech I was planning to do yesterday. I have a memory of an elephant but in case of an emergency, ı had a copy of my writing in my graduation gowns pocket yesterday when I got ready I was going to practice one last time before leaving the house.  the address was reciting my speech by heart until ı forgot a part of it. Then I reached into the paper in my pocket only to find a wrinkled paper that wasn’t my speech.

After staring at the unknown paper in my hand for a while ı realized it was an address of a place that I didn’t know where. What was I going to do? was I going to find where the address shows or attend my graduation cerenıomy? I did what I was supposed to and went to the graduation ceremony and still did my speech without the missing part. The best day of my high school life was ruined by this mysterious note. Right after I got out of the stage ı googled the address and found out that the address was only five minutes away from the school. This was weird because our school didn’t have many places nearby which made the mysterious address scarier after my friends were also done we planned what we were going to do we got into the car and drove to the house the address showed.

On our way, we made up multiple scenarios about what this could have been. We all had our questions but I was the most curious. Our driver Kayla stopped in front of a house that had a note on the door. The note said ”the buildings on sale knocks if interested if not don’t even try to disturb”Im not going to lie the note was scarier than all of the things we have done yesterday. We knocked on the door and the door was already open even though ı hesitated Kayla took a huge step inside the house and we saw what we shouldn’t have seen

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