Grace, Belief and Hardwork

The highway that is called as life is a hard road to pass through. If you don’t work hard, the life will hit you hard. If you work really hard, you will hit life hard. As being the laziest person ever existed, the life looks like a pretty difficult opponent. But there are some moments when a miracle happens. Something that seems distant and impossible may suddenly become immitient and possible. Just like maths, or paying the bank taxes. Nothing is impossible for the ones who try, as Büyük İskender said. And I agree to Büyük İskender about this situation. This is because of a memory of mine. I used to suck at English and I hated it. But then, I went to a country that made me love English. It was impossible for me before trying. But I tried and the results actually impress me! Well, I know that I already made tons of grammar mistakes. But am I proud of myself? Yes! (He is not) however, according to my observation, nothing should look like impossible. If you see anything impossible, it would be impossible for you. Do everything in belief, so you succeed. If you don’t, learn your mistake and focus on not doing the same mistake again. Try over and over until its perfect. Never give up and finish what you started. Do not postpone it and remember why you started. Do your best and give it all you got. Until its done. However, belief is not the only factor about succeeding. Grace is also needed for success. If grace is not involved, you will fail successfully. Another factor is (as I talked about) hardwork. If hardwork is not involved, you will also fail successfully. So in a nutshell, if you want to do something perfect, grace, hardwork and belief MUST be involved.



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