Green Solution

Renewable energy is a current topic that is sitting on the fence for a while due to the dissenting opinions about being beneficial to the global warming.Some people think that it is not efficient enough to avert the side effects of climate change.On the other side of the fence,people believe that any argument grounded in facts can defend the idea that renewable energy is sufficient enough to stop it.So,do you think we should keep polluting our world without giving any chance to renewable energy or we should give a chance to renewable energy in order to pursue our goals of a better world full of green and blue?

Renewable energy is thought to be an inefficient work towards a solution to the global warming.However,when we dig into deeper,information rooted in facts illuminates the accusations about renewable energy being insufficient to be completely groundless.For example,in 2015, hydropower generated 16.6 percent of the world’s total electricity.A mine of data emerged to  demolish all the arguments about disregarding the contribution of renewable energy to the environment.For instance,solar energy users save up to 35 tons of carbon dioxide and 75 barrels of oil each year.Another example is that hydropower prevents the burning of 22 billion gallons of oil or 120 million tons of coal.Not only do these sources undoubtedly contribute to the health of the ecosystem but they are also more efficient than the biased energy resources which need further enlightenment.The best fossil fuel plants usually convert about 50 percent of energy into electricity while many hydropower turbines are up to 90 percent efficient.Despite all the efforts trying to slander renewable energy,inevitable facts have  shown us that these attempts to accuse clean energy of ineffectiveness are nothing different from a misconceived cheap shot.

In conclusion,truth which is tried to be buried by baseless allegations against renewable energy has shown that renewable energy is efficient,clean and promising.Renewable energy is a great hope to pursue the goal of a bright and healthy future powered by nature.

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