Green With Envy

I woke up on a tuesday. The sun was shining. It felt like it was gonna be a good day. I took a shower and changed my clothes. Then I hopped into my car. There were amazing songs on the radio. A smile was on my face. Life was going good. I had a nice job and a loving wife. I also had respect from others. 

I arrived in front of my office. Stepped out. There were birds making sounds in the air. I took a deep breath and got in my office. I was expecting a promotion today. 

While I was doing work on my computer my boss called me. I entered his office. “You are fired.” he said suddenly. I sweated a lot. But then he started laughing loudly and told me it was a joke. Then he told me he was promoting me. Even though I was expecting this I was still surprised. To celebrate my promotion, we had a party at the office. We put on some music and danced. Everybody had a great time except Robert. He was really jealous that I got the promotion and he didn’t. As he got more angry, he left. The party lasted for 4 hours. But then we got tired and went home. Just as I was going to my car I felt something. I reached into my pocket and found a piece of paper. It had an address written on it. I was very tired so I didn’t think anything and went to sleep. A week passed and randomly I remembered about this. I was really curious about the address so I decided to go there. But then a car behind me hit me hard. I got thrown out the window. My nose and glasses broke. Then I saw Robert in front of me. I knew this was the end. “Its all because of you! I didn’t get the promotion, my wife left me.” I just stared at him. He fastly threw a punch. I realized he hit hard. I started screaming loudly. I thought he left. But he came back with a piece of metal. He started hitting me with it. At that moment I knew that I was gonna die. As I expected he took out a gun. He pointed the gun at my face. Then he moved his finger and the bullet was in my head. 

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