Groups and Productivity

Max Ringlemann once thought that productivity decreases as number of members in a group increases. While some defend that many people are needed to create unique work, Ringlemann’s idea is still being debated. However, nearly all remarkable occasions has happened with a group.

While working on an idea, people need a team for both development and work force. Even though management could be a problem, progress will be much faster and motivation of the group will be dramatically higher. At the same time, different viewpoints of people may add significant effects to the final product. Finally, nearly all ideas require multiple professions to be developed which means many other people are needed to complete it.

However, the fact that after some time people repeat the same product dozens of times is not ignorable. Large companies like Apple frequently add features to their products and put new ideas aside. Nevertheless, as long as people with great vision are in the team, innovative ideas should be found. Secondly, some ideas thought by members in the group may interfere with each other, which would cause a disagreement. In these cases, action should be decided with votes for fairness.

Groups may cause problems in rare cases, but projects cannot be done without them. For both efficiency and momentum we need colleagues. Is it really possible for a person to create a whole product without any help?

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