Growth is Not Always Good

Increasing population is a serious problem in nowadays world. It can cause a lot of things that we can’t imagine. There is some advantages of increasing population but it is nothing when we think about negativities.

If we start from the less side which is advantages.

Advantages of Population Increase 

Higher Economic Growth

Economy is an important thing for the country and higher population means higher possibility of skilled people. So we all know that more skilled employees can make much better jobs. Beside these, more people will lead to economic growth with more people able to produce more goods.

More People More Possibility

If we are going to think simply, like I said before it is easier to find more skilled, clever or creative person in a higher amount of people group. Basically it is related with the population. Higher population means more chance and it is a big advantage for high populated countries.

Democratic Country

Which one is harder? To be elected in a clasroom or a president for a millions of people. I think we all give the same answer for that. Population increase gives us more accurant results.

Demographic Structure of Society 

Increasing population means, increasing amount of younger people. Because of that it also means that more worker for the country. So we can relate this with the economic growth.

Disadvantages of Population Growth

Cost to the Environment 

Humans are not environment friendly livings. Sadly we do not care about our planet also we are so selfish that we harm other living structure’s planet as well. Results of our indifference:

-Higher population will lead to a greater consumption of non-renewable resources, leading to a faster depletion of natural resources.

-Higher population will lead to greater pollution levels in air, water and land. Higher pollution is associated with a range of health issues, such as cancer and asthma. The pollution also harms animals and plants.

-Global Warming

-Deforestation: Population increase will lead to more usage of wood, space for building etc.

Water Shortages

Water sources are running out and it will incrasing by the following days if we don’t make some changes in our daily lives. It can even cause wars in future and even nowadays country’s are started to care more about their water supplies.

Renewable Resources

Earth’s recources are finite and even today we are reliant to fossil fuels, metals and minerals. Mainly being reliant to the fossil fuels are the last thing we want about ourselves. We need to use renewable resources but adding more consumers makes those resources run out faster.

Mainly this kind of population growth will harm us in the following days, we need some steps about this situation like for example in China it is not allowed to birth more than a child this is an extreme example but we can see that it can come to this kind of situation.

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