Growth Path

On an extremely long road, we have small but frequent bumps and traffic lights that slow us down more than we expect downhills that help us move faster yet uncontrollably. Sometimes those bumps not only make your journey unbearable but also take you into a situation where your tires are damaged and unable to move forward. Perhaps in some cases, those hills hamper your control over the vehicle.

In real life, the situation is not different at all. We all have obstacles during the journey while trying to stay in line and not get off course, which can be remarkably hard since there will always be a person who seeks the opportunity to topple us from the throne. Or a position of ours when it will be impossible to turn the tables. But, what are those blocks and impediments?

The first traffic light can be the living conditions that an individual has. Not every human has the same living standards. However, this is, unfortunately, one of the most significant traffic lights that can stop us for a second or even an hour. For instance, a girl who lives in Malawi will not have the same opportunities as a girl in Denmark. These obstacles can be the financial situation of the country or the individual’s house, rules that allow/block the freedom of the country’s citizens and the way that person lives. Financial situations can be about whether that person can afford the basic necessities or not. However, if the person can not afford them, we can not even talk about traffic lights since they will cause car crashes and death. The problem is not, of course, just about basic needs. It is more than that. In real life, people need the education to be fully functional individuals who make positive contributions to society. But, in some examples, people do not allow their child to have an education because the child needs to work or it is against the family’s religion/culture.

Other traffic lights can be the people we know, have to stand or come across by chance. It is a fact that people affect our perspectives -which can be the lane we are at in a road- since we are social beings. Yet sometimes we cannot choose those people. For example, the relatives we have to stand and smile at all times not to start a fight; coworkers that we ought to look respectful to keep our job; classmates that are sometimes unbearable, and people we know incidentally. These are the individuals who slow us down and try to make us use all of our fuel.

Nonetheless, what are the solutions to keep going? Actually, all the answers depend on the person we are talking about. The important stuff for them can be the atmosphere they want to possess or the people they want to keep in their lives. However, we should always remember that no matter what it is that blocks you from living your life to the fullest, you should choose a better path or get rid of it as soon as possible.

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