Guilty or Guilty

Let’s close our eyes, think and dream. There is a hungry child in front of you and he wants to eat. How will you feed this child? You have to commit a crime to feed the child. Or does it mean that you commit a crime because it is compulsory?

Let’s think again and imagine. But this time, let’s be more realistic than before. I don’t get involved in crime to feed a hungry child because when I try to get involved in crime to feed a hungry child, I may find myself in the middle of a bigger crime and this may not have good results for both myself and the state. But if I were to commit this crime, it would make me guilty, and I would not have committed a crime out of necessity, because I am doing it by the will given to me. Let’s look for a way to be innocent after committing this crime. But there doesn’t seem to be a long way to go, so if we commit a crime to feed the hungry child, we will be guilty, but how will this crime be resolved? Let’s open our eyes and look around. The world is filled with crime. What if the world is full of hungry children? This time, a huge undesirable chaos emerged. It didn’t even want to be lived. If we commit crimes to feed this hungry child, there may be consequences like this and even worse results than these. If we feed this hungry child and commit a crime, I don’t think it’s necessary.

As a result, if we feed our hungry child in return for crime, we will be guilty, and since this action takes place with our will, we do not commit it out of necessity. Let’s close our eyes and dive into new dreams.

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