Habit Addiction

We can call our daily, weekly, monthly, yearly activities that we constantly do out of awareness or that we deliberately make continuity as habits. In fact, it would not be right to say only activities. Even the slightest blinking gesture we make every day can be counted as a habit in our lives. Warren Buffett said, “The chains of habits are at first too light to be heard and then too strong to be broken.” A short sentence that tells us deeply about our habits. 

   It is generally stated that it takes 21 days for a behavior to become a habit. Even about this, a plastic surgeon, Dr. Maxwell Maltz stated in his book Psyco-Cybernetics, published in 1960, that patients who underwent surgery got used to their new images in 21 days. As we can understand from these situations and thoughts, the fact that our behavior and anything we do can be considered a habit is directly related to the getting used to of ourselves and our psychology. Another claim about the 21-day rule is that it’s not just for habit. For example, you have intentionally or accidentally acquired a bad habit against your will, and after a while, you wanted to get rid of this bad behavior, and then the 21-day rule will help you.  But according to some studies, the 21-day rule may not be used to quit something as easy as it helps while gaining a habit. 

   Thinking about our own life, sometimes we get so attached to our habits that we take care to organize all our plans in accordance with them so that even one of them does not missed. As Waren Buffett said above as an example, the chains of our habits are getting so strong that you can’t even understand what is going on. 

   If we want to make the topic more obvious with a concrete example, we can give an example about smoking addiction. For example, if you ask a person with a cigarette addiction, how did you acquire this habit, he or she  may say that at first it was not that much, but over time it got out of control and became indispensable.

     In short, as humans, we are such beings that we want our routine to never change. We become so attached to our habits in our lives that go on with a certain routine that we feel vulnerable and insecure when we go out of our habits. I guess it has always been like this because of our nature and it is destined to go like this because even our psychology is shaped according to our habits. The sentence Warren Buffet said on this subject is also very correct and a point-blank sentence about habits. 


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