If we look around us, we can easily see that everyone has different habits on different levels that were once formed and now lives with us. We form many unique habits every day that stay with us permanently. Some people have habits that makes their life easier and healthier while some people have habits that should be broken. But do these habits are easy to break?

Habits are some small decisions that we make on daily basis and activities we start to perform in a time period. Our habits basically the shape of our life. They put us in an order that we follow without thinking. They help us to form the personality we have at the moment since we do our habits repeatedly until they become a part of us. Habits start from little actions that once we thought it was just a one-time thing. It could take a short amount of time or a long amount of time until these little actions become the things we perform automatically. The period of time, that will make these little actions a habit, depends on how addictive the action can it be or the level of resistance we have to ourself.

There are basically two types of habits that are in our lives every day. The 1st type is our good habits that can actually make our lives easier and healthier to live. We can give examples for good habits such as: doing exercises, eating breakfast, practicing healthy eating during day, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, morning workouts, studying regularly and more… These good habits can keep us alive and motivated while relaxing our minds from stress.

The 2nd type of habits is bad habits that we can give examples such as being disorganized, eating fast food, skipping breakfast, negative self-talk, not sleeping enough, interrupting someone, losing focus, being lazy, not doing exercises, waking up late…

Since we are all human, there is no way to always have good habits and continuing them on regularly without any distraction. We all have bad habits that were created very easily and hard to destroy. I have to agree with Warren Buffett once said “The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.” Since habits can be very addictive while you wouldn’t see it becomes, a regular thing for you to do on regular basis. At the end, the important thing is not how you gain your habits, it is important how you can turn them into habits that will make your life stronger with good habits.

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