Half A Half Of Both

Let’s talk about genetics and genetics before we come to other events outside the gene. Then you decide whether the things that make us do are coded in our genes or something else.…
Almost everyone has heard of “genetics.” It’s called… a gene-dealing area! Sometimes known as “heredity.” The inheritance from our mother’s “egg” and father’s “sperm” is what we call DNA.
Mom and dad have about 100 of these. They’re behaving outside of normal heredity. For each of these genes, we get one copy (allel) from our parents. However, they differ from individual to individual. If the copy from the mother is functional, the copy from the father is “sealed”. Or vice versa. Both copies are not functional in the same person. Or both are not sealed.
To me, what makes us what we are is both genetic code and ourselves. A human takes his first feature from the genes and goes on with his life in this way, but we are the one who gives birth to his character in life and that character grows and develops.
It’s also important how we manage our lives. There may be a difference in perception of time. For example, an hour spent with someone who is excited to be together, two hours for a difficult test to be raised, while the World Cup championship match 1-0 for the team’s supporters who won the last five minutes, Oskar Awards ceremony announcing the selection of a few minutes during the reading of a note to the finalists may seem too long. The importance of time may vary depending on location. For example, in a world championship won with a salisay difference, the importance of a salisay for both the champion and the loser, and the importance of a watch for someone returning home from coffee can be very different.
Time is the most democratically distributed resource for people. Everyone has 24 hours a day. Time is a scarce resource that cannot be restored, stored and stopped. How efficient this scarce resource is used is the most important factor determining how much people can improve themselves and their environment.
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