Half-filled Glass

“Life could be limitless joy, if we would only take it for what it is, in the way it is given to us.” said Leo Tolstoy. 

We are in a constant phase of losing and gaining things in our lives. Some of which make us happy, and some we wish we never came across. However, sometimes regardless of how perfect the thing we are given is, we tend to be ungrateful and resist making do of it. Humankind has always been this way. A great example would be the powerful kings in history that were never satisfied with the amount of land they had and lost most of it for the sake of gaining more.

Life would be much more joyful if we accepted the things we are given as they are. Greediness always messes up our minds and makes us wish for more. Learning to overcome this will create a huge impact on our lives where we will become more optimistic and down to earth. Gratefulness is a strong emotion. It is so powerful that it makes us overcome the most painful situations. Focusing on what we have in our hands results in us forgetting the things we don’t have.

It’s important to look at the bright side in most situations. A nice metaphor can be the way we view a glass containing a small amount of water. Some people would view it as half empty, and the remaining would view it as half-filled. These people have the skill of acknowledging the importance of the glass being filled to the half rather than it being empty.

Joy can be defined as a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. Drinking coffee, listening to music, and reading a book may be the most common actions to bring joy. But even these simplest actions may be laying in the dreams of another. Maybe even thinking about how lucky we are to do these, can give us a hint of joy.

To sum up, life is not always easy and doesn’t come out as we wish. What’s important is learning to live it as it is, with its ups and downs. Even after spending a few seconds of your day showing gratuity will bring endless joy to your life.

Another saying from him;

“If you make it a habit not to blame others, you will feel the growth of the ability to love in your soul, and you will see the growth of goodness in your life.” –Leo Tolstoy


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