I was so excited when I left the house.Today is the most important day for my dreams. I have an interview with my dream university.I passed my all exams with very high grades. Now only interview left. Only interview.  If I succeed I will be accepted by university. I took a taxi. I opened the e-mail sent by the university to learn the interview place.I didn’t know the address it didn’t seem familiar. I didn’t care much. I was so stressed. I decided to listen music to relax a little . My hand hit the pill box while I was looking for my headphones in my bag.I was so busy with the interview so I forgot to take my pills.I  immediately opened the box to swallow  one. But box was empty. There was very little  time for the interview therefore I couldn’t go back to home.I guess nothing would happen if I didn’t swallow my pills for a day. Also my doctor was telling me that I’m getting better now.I used to have delusions when I didn’t take my pills.I was seeing things around me differently than they really are. Just because of this, I misunderstood the question and I made it wrong in the one of the exam. But I am better now and I believe everything will be as I want.

       Taxi stopped. We arrived to the interview place. If I had known what was going to happen to me, I would never have gotten out of that taxi. Taxi has gone when I got out of the car. The place I came was an old abandoned factory. There must be a mistake.Interview wouldn’t have happened in an old factory.I opened my e-mail to check the place.The address in the e-mail was completely different. It turns out that my mind was playing tricks on me. AGAIN.It’s all my fault. What was I thinking by not taking the pills? I looked at the watch. Interview has already started. Two hours ago I was so close to my dreams and now they are so far away from me.I cried so much that’s why my eyes were starting to hurt.I was about to leave when a scream came from the factory.I wasn’t sure if that was a delusion too. But after a while I heard again. I decided to go inside. There were lots of glass pieces around probably it used to be a glass factory. There was nothing except glass. I must be hallucinating again.Just as I was leaving the factory, my foot hit something.

  I looked down to see what hit. A corpse was laying on the ground…

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