Handmade Mask

Why aren’t you showing your true clours, why are you making them look like they faded away?

Even when they did not. Why do you lower your brightness, it’s really not like you? You know that you, that is the perfect, the strongest among them that has no wounds, no downs; that get praised by everyone. Oh or that you, that the most strong, fearless one who is afraid of their own kind fearful that you won’t be able to fit their standards worried that they will see you as a pathetic helpless little thing afraid, that they are going to despise you?

 Isn’t it so unlike you?

You just hide behind that mask that you created to fit among the people but come to think of it dear isn’t it the same you? The one that made the mistakes that you are ashamed of isn’t it the same person, wearing that handmade mask, who you shame.

But seems like you are quite talented at making a mask, see you even fooled your own self, you believed that lie you created like the most people who believed that game.

Said the voice, the whispers making his ears hurt

The voice was right he was just a fool that believed the magic tricks he did was really magic. The voice got lost leaving a ringing sound in his ear.

He looked around in a panicked way, searching all over the place to find the source of the voice, he ran around like a mad dog.

 After a while, leaning to the wall in a position where his head is between his keens, he calmed down once he raised his head he saw the mirror again and saw the medicines sitting beside that he should have taken.

Well in the end, positively he found the source of that voice it was him his min who was torturing him…

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