What are we try to say when we call someone you are the best. Like, best for who? We do not know that. I think you should be the best for your own skills. For example, if I am a dancer I should do the best I can do in that area. With not comparing anyone. In class, it should be the same too. I do not think that the lesson results are our life. Because this life is so short for that grades. If you get happy with the fact that you get high grades then it is okay. But if it is making you happy but you need other things in your life you should find your passion. Because if you are not happy this life is not short anymore.
Is this mean that the lessons are not important? Of course not. The lessons are important because they are helping to find your life passion which I mansion in the first paragraph. And to do your life passions you need money. That is sad but it is true, unfortunately. In this life, if you do not have any money you can not do anything that you want as a professional.
But in life the most important thing is to be happy. Without being happy in some work while doing it you can not do it well because you will not give your all attention to that work. The reason for this is you do not want to do it. I think the works like this is unnecessary. But lessons are exceptions because lessons are building your future. Maybe you are not happy while doing it but the results that you get will make you really happy in the future. So if we look at the point of this text we can say that happiness is the most important thing in our life. And when you be happy nothing will become boring to you anymore. So you can do anything really good. Because you will gonna do your best. And you do not have to beat anyone. It is the same in class too. You do not have to be the best in the class too. As long as you are the best of yourself. You have to do things that make you happy but you can not let go of your lessons. But happiness will come with the things you like to do.

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