Happiness of the Steps

On a sad day, dark clouds appeared in the sky. It was as if the sky was pouring out. I continued walking on my path as raindrops drizzled. My steps were accelerating, like clear drops falling from the sky. I looked around as if I had just met everything. I hadn’t even realized the rain had stopped, my only focus was the joyful rainbow in the sky, spreading a warm smile on my face. Whenever I saw a rainbow, I would dream for a long time, no one could stop me. I used to close my eyes and pass under the rainbow in my dreams.

I was walking down a long, paper-strewn road on a stormy day. There was so much paper that it prevented me from walking. I picked up the papers that caught my eye while I was trying to move forward in order to continue on my way. Each paper had different writing on it. I took the first one to read:

“Hunger” was written on the paper. While some people can reach everything they want in a minute, their dream is to buy the latest model car, while others dream of only being able to take a bite of bread to their home in order not to catch any diseases due to hunger. He was a father who cut down on his own food so that his children would not go hungry and risked all troubles, playing the leading role in this article.

“War” was written on the second piece of paper. This article was talking about young children who lost their lives in wars instead of reading and building their future. Those who did not lose their lives had lost their loved ones, those who did not lose their loved ones had lost their limbs, but they had nothing to gain from this brutal conflict. Before I had to tear this paper, my tears scattered all the writings.

“Freedom” was written on another piece of paper. This writing was talking about animals living in cages that restrict their freedom, instead of freely roaming the streets and enjoying life as they wish. The most innocent beings in the world were treated as if there was no place for them in the huge world, as if they were narrowing our space. If these cages were never built, if only goodness prevailed in the world, who would have come up with this idea?
I cut all the pieces into pieces too small to be seen and threw them away.

When I ripped all the papers, the dark clouds in the sky were warmed by the sun. It symbolized happiness. The light came over me, now I started to take my steps on my way with pleasure, there was no obstacle in front of me to walk on my bright path, where I tore off the negative papers, until I opened my eyes. When I opened my eyes, I realized that being able to pass under the rainbow was only a dream as colorful as the rainbow. I left everything aside and continued with the rest of the boring story.

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