Happy New Year

I never use my wishes for impossible things like world peace. Because of that in this essay ı want to talk about more realistic wishes. First of all, I hope I am still alive in2022. Actually I am afraid to dream cause when I dream something it never happens. But today I will try to overcome my fear.

The current economy is worse than my mental health so I want it to be better than my mentality in 2022. Then I really want my friend’s mother to get well, and I want that friend of mine to be happy more than anyone else. I want people to be better and more compassionate but since it is impossible so we can skip this. I want my mother to be successful in her studies. Ande, of course, I wish to be successful in my own lessons. I really really want to be able to speak and understand English easily. This year I want to be more energetic and love life more. I want it to be a year where I get along better with my family. I want to help more people and be a better person in 2022. I want to have these in 2022, but besides the things I want to gain, there are also things I don’t want to lose. I don’t want to lose my humanity, I don’t want to lose the beautiful friends I have, I’ve just found  I don’t want to lose my self-confidence. I don’t want to get in trouble with my brother like before this year.

This year I will work harder, I will sleep more, I will start loving myself, I will live for my goals and beliefs, I will eat healthily, I will read more books. I just want these things to start this year because I believe I can continue if they start. And most importantly, I hope it will be a healthy year for everyone.

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