Happy Place

From the day we moved here I knew it will be one other small town that eventually we would move from. We switched places at least twice a year so I never actually got to form any kind of bond with kids my age. I was either called a nerd or was considered shy everywhere we went so far. Until the time that things went upside down all of a sudden…


I was about to unpack my stuff when my mom came in asking for her work supplies. As if moving around all the time was not hard by itself I also had to deal with my parents insulting me about not being useful. Pleasing them was the only thing I tried to do, even though they never seemed to appreciate it. I didn’t have a lot to unpack since I knew we would eventually leave here too. The next day was a new start in another unknown school. The last time I got nervous for going to a new school was about at the age of eleven. My parents were already gone when I woke up so I just took a shower and left. I always carried a book with me, it was my only passion to be honest. Everybody seemed to look at me as soon as I stepped into the school corridor. I didn’t know why at first but when of them pointed at me and said “look it’s the gırl that moved into the dead lady’s house”.


I was in the nurses’ office when I opened my eyes. I apparently blacked out after hearing that someone actually died in the house I was living in. I heard a voice coming from across the room. “You really made an impression on your first day”. As I stood up slowly the voice continued, yet there were no one in sight. The owner of the voice slowly came up to me and helped me get up. As we walked down the halls she asked me whole bunch of questions regarding my life. It was weird getting all those questions, since I never got attention from my surroundings. By the time that I was about to leave school I had already started to worry that they were going to hate me when they actually get to know me.


The house was empty as usual. I was exhausted from all the complexities that happened, even so I went to the attic for the purpose of organizing all the boxes left from moving. I always thought that telling things were like magic in life, so books were magical for me at the time. When I found a dusty book in the attic I was curious what magic this one held. I hesitated to pick it up at first due to it looking a little suspicious, but by the time I opened the book I saw that it was handwritten and probably with special pens. It looked very neat and clean as it was written sometime soon. The book belonged to the previous owner of the house, at least I assumed so. As I flipped through the pages I realized it was not just a book but a diary. I read it nonstop till finally I fell asleep. When I woke up the book was gone, I asked my parents but they did not seem to see it either.


After a month the owners’ daughter came looking for the diary that her mom gave her. She was looking around trying to catch her breath.  She must have been running from someone or something. I immediately called some of my friends so they could bring help. I tried to occupy her for longer by telling her made up stories. As she was about to leave the police arrived and told me to take a step back. She was a wanted criminal that killed the previous owner of the house in order to steal her book she was working on. When I saw my friends worried eyes, I actually felt like I was a part of this town. We lived there for one more year. The best ear of my life to be honest.

My parents made me move for about four more years and then I decided to move out, for the sake of returning where I actually belong. I had many friends all over the country but never seemed to have a bond like I did four years ago. I wanted my true and only hone to be there. Home is not where you live but the place that you think of when someone asks your happy place. Years later from moving back I found the lost diary in the exact same point I lost it. It was published under the name of the old lady breaking best seller records of all time. That’s when I made sure that house was my happy place and forever will be…




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