Hardworking for Years and Breaking Records

Nowadays, there are two popular achievements which can be used for defining how successful a person is. These two achievements are; entering the Guinness Book of Records or winning a Nobel Prize. There are some differences between these achievements which are really hard to acquire. So, comparing with each other, which one of them is more important and which one means being successful?

Nobel Prizes are created by the will of Alfred Nobel, who is a Swedish engineer and chemist, after his death. Nobel Prizes have five different categories which are Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature and Peace Each category has different requirements. For example, Nobel Peace Prize is given to people who have made the most work for maintaining peace between countries and Nobel Physics Prize is given to people who have made the most contribution to humanity in field of physics. Nobel Prizes have been awarded to 962 different people since 1901.

On the other hand, Guinness Book of Records is a book which contains world records of human achievements and other records of nature. Guinness World Records was created by Hugh Beaverand started to be published as a book by Norris and Ross brothers in 1955. Guinness Book of Records, which is updated every year, contains all kinds of records including some which are too specific.

In conclusion, according to me winning a Nobel Prize is more important than entering the Guinness Records Book because in order to win a Nobel Prize you have to achieve something which should help humanity. People who won Nobel Prizes worked for years for their achievements. For instance, Wilhelm Röntgen won the Nobel Physics Prize in 1901 because of his long-dated successful studies on X-ray, which is something we use a lot on hospitals. But unlike Nobel Prizes, to enter the Guinness Book of Records you don’t need to achieve something which is useful to humanity or you don’t need to work as hard as people who won Nobel Prizes, some records are just some values which don’t mean that much. For example, record of most spoons balanced on the face. These records don’t require hard working as much as Noble Prizes. So, I think the real success is winning a Nobel Prize, not entering Guinness Records Book.



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