Harms of Overpopulation

In order for the future of our world to be livable for people in the future, new people need to be born. However, the number of children to be born should be controlled within a certain limit. Because overpopulation does more harm than good to humanity and the environment. In this blog, I will write about why overpopulation should be stopped and what will happen if it is not.One of the biggest problems caused by overpopulation is the limited availability of fossil fuels, the most common type of energy source in the world. Since fossil fuels are limited, we need to use them carefully to avoid problems in the future. However, no matter how carefully we try to use fossil fuels, we cannot meet the fossil fuel needs of the world population due to excessive population growth.Many people who do not see overpopulation as a problem find the use of renewable energy sources sufficient to prevent possible future fossil fuel shortages. However, it should not be forgotten that although renewable energy sources are unlimited, the land required for us to build renewable energy sources is limited. In other words, renewable energy sources will be insufficient for overpopulation in the distant future. In addition, insufficient energy resources due to overpopulation are not our only problem. Excessive urbanization and excessive illegal construction are among the problems to be caused by overpopulation. No matter how much the states try to prevent infrastructure problems, there will be problems in areas such as infrastructure, traffic congestion and free (education, health, etc.). If such problems occur in the future, population growth should be controlled and excessive population growth should be prevented. Thanks for reading.



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